Congratulations On taking the first step!


Understanding that you have an addiction and seeking treatment takes courage

 Congratulations on taking the first step in your recovery!  We understand the courage that seeking treatment takes and we are genuinely committed in assisting you with your treatment goals and look forward to helping you get your life back. 

Treatment Options

While Covert Action most frequently treats opioid dependence, we also offer treatment for all other types of substance abuse, gambling addiction as well as substance abuse evaluations for legal matters such as OWI/DUI.  Your treatment plan is customized for you and based on your unique situation.  If medication is part of that program we make sure you have what you need, if not that’s okay too.  We’re here to make sure you are setup for success and feel supported on your journey to recovery.  The most commonly used medications at Covert Action are Suboxone and Methadone.   

Learn more about Methadone   -Learn more about Suboxone.

Admissions & Intake Process

New patient intakes are normally done on Monday & Thursday between 5:30AM and 9:45AM.  We do NOT want you to wait to seek treatment so contact us right away if you would like to be seen outside of these hours as a new patient.  Calling in is always encouraged and we are happy to answer any questions about the intake process and how you can receive help today.

Our initial goal is to provide physical and psychological stability through opioid replacement therapy.  Most patients feel comfortable within days of starting treatment and through interaction with our treatment team immediately start to see an improvement in quality of life.

As we work together and the use of illicit substances is eliminated patients see improved relationships and ability to function in society, community and workplace.  As life improves feelings of guilt, frustration and poor self image start to subside.  


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  • We are open Monday through Friday from 5AM-12:30 PM and Saturday 6AM-8AM.  If we are open call Ph: (515)-218-6125
  • New Intakes are currently done Mon & Thur from 5:30AM-9:45AM (please call if you would like to be seen for an intake outside of these hours.   
  • If we are not open DO NOT WAIT click on the button below to request a call from one of our Addiction Specialists.  

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