Methadone Program

What is Methadone

The most widely used medication for opiate addiction over the last several decades is Methadone  Methadone is a synthetic, long-acting opioid medication that eliminates withdrawal symptoms and decreases cravings while not getting the patient "high" . This longer acting medication restores balance to the brain and allows an addict to focus on repairing their life and engaging in healthy activities.   

Operating under state and federal guidelines, this liquid medication is provided as an oral daily dose, supporting stabilization through regular interaction with the treatment team. Patients attend counseling sessions and receive support and referrals in order to restore balance and order in their lives

Benefits of Methadone


Greater Structure

Methadone Treatment provides greater structure.  Patients are started on daily dosing and earn take home doses as they accomplish the goals of their treatment plan.  This more structured approach is ideal for some addicts  as they begin their recovery.

Daily Interaction & Accountability

Daily Interaction with our Treatment Team is an integral part of the recovery process for many addicts as they begin their treatment.  For long term addicts sober living can be a major adjustment.  Our team will work with you to devise a treatment plan.  Seeing us every day and being held accountable to work on your recovery will drasticallly reduce the likelihood of falling back into old habits.  

Fast Results and flexible payment options

Methadone lasts up to 48 hours and once stable will sustain an addict for at least 24 hours.  Methadone can also be paid for on a daily basis.  This means we can get you stable quickly and affordably as well as assist you in using that stability to begin your road to recovery!

Empirically Proven Treatment Method

Proven Effective for over 60 years.  Methadone has been used to treat addiction for over 6 decades.  While we encourage our patients to make it their goal a sober life, there is plenty of empirical evidence that a person can live a healthy and long life while on Methadone.

Ideal for addicts with Chronic Pain

When dispensed in a clinic environment Methadone is NOT intended for pain management.  That being said, some patients in addition to requiring treatment for opiate dependence are also in need of treatment for disorders that cause chronic pain.  Unlike other Medication Assisted Treament options, Methadone does not preclude the ability for an individual to be otherwise treated for pain *****  ( Please see footnote below)


Methadone Dispensing Hours

New Intakes are done Mon & Thur 5:30AM-9:45AM

*Please call in advance if you would like to be seen as a new patient outside of these hours* - Learn more about admissions/intake process

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