Welcome to the new Covert Action Clinic

Existing Covert Patients (madrid)


Thank you for your Trust and Service!

As we outgrow our Madrid location we want to be sure to thank our current patients, you all made this possible and we look forward to helping you reach your goals at our outstanding new facility.  Prior Covert Action patients who are on a “sabbatical” are welcome to rejoin the clinic. I may waive the “new patient” intake fee on you if you join us before 1-1-18. I wish you all well and hope you are all sober.

You will love the new place!  Your current Fee ($100) will remain the same.  We will be doing a lot of advertising so the referral bonus will go away.  We are hoping to be accepting the following major insurance: Blue Cross, Wellmark, United Healthcare, Iowa Medicaid set up by DEC-JAN so your fee will drop dramatically to a simple copay. We will also start to sign up for Aetna, Cigna, Midlands etc but we are signing on with the major insures first because those are the ones most patients have

AmeriHealth, AmeriGroup and United Healthcare MEDICAID plans will likely be accepted for your monthly visit payments (reducing your fee to ZERO) but possibly not until later this winter. We need to see if those plans will even exist first.

New Location and Parking

1223 Center St, Suite 22

Des Moines, IA 50309

Take I-235 to the Keo Way Exit and go South.  Turn right on 12th St and then an immediate right onto Center St.  Shortly after turning look for the monument sign with our name and take a right into the parking lot on Center.  We are in the middle of the Northernmost Building in Suite 22.  Our parking lot is for the 2 buildings that sit North/South but face East. 1221 Center St is the first building, 1223 is the building to it’s North.


From 11-13-17 thru 11-24-17  I will be at the new clinic all 5 days a week from about 6:30AM to 12:00PM - so you don’t need to all come on MON and THUR during those 2 weeks. 

After 11/24  we will go back to me being there 0630 to about 0930 just on MON and THUR. I may work Tuesday mornings in the wintertime - don’t plan on that until I make an announcement....

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